Best Spanish Software | Learning Spanish Program Reviews offers FREE reviews of the best Spanish language software and programs available. Each Spanish program is tested on many levels which include features, ease of use, fundamentals, teaching tools, word tools, and support/help. If you are serious about learning Spanish and becoming fluent, you have taken the first step. The next step is to choose the program which fits your learning style and meets your needs best.

With these Spanish programs, you will learn grammar, comprehension, reading, writing, vocabulary, conversation skills, and pronunciation. These fundamentals are key to become fluent in the Spanish language. Take a look at our best Spanish software list and find the program that's right for you.

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Berlitz Spanish

101 Languages of the World

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Spanish Learning Software and Program Reviews

Each Spanish program is tested on many levels which include features, ease of use, fundamentals, teaching tools, word tools, and support/help.


When analyzing features, compares each programs learning paths, progress tracking, internet resources, and MP3 player capabilities. Each of these provides more value for the end user and make learning Spanish easier and more convenient. When learning Spanish, some people could care less about MP3 player capabilities and internet resources but to others these features may be a must. It is important to way the pros

and cons of each programs to find a Spanish learning software that best suits you.


When learning Spanish, you need to learn all areas of the language such as grammar, comprehension, reading, writing, vocabulary, conversation skills,

and pronunciation.

Ease of Use

Some programs can be a bit tricky and some are very simple. If you aren't familiar with computers or similar software, you may want to stick to a simple Spanish program.

Teaching Tools

With many different learning styles, you should look at the teaching tools to determine what you like best. If you like to learn from videos then our number 1 and 2 programs would be best. If you prefer image and word association, then Rosetta Stone would be best. Teaching tools include videos, audio, images, culture lesson, games, books, speech recognition, online chat, online testing, and word recognition. No program has all of the above, so choose the one which focuses on the teaching tools you learn best from.

Word Tools

Word tools are your basic learning Spanish tools such as dictionary's, word translators, and word and root search. Some Spanish software companies feel that their program is so good and covers so many things that you will never need to use a dictionary. Other programs will often include the dictionary as part of grammar and vocab training.


We rank support and help on these factors: 1. Whether or not they provide email support or phone support. 2. If the program comes with user manuals and/or tutorials. 3. If the program has a FAQ or live chat on their website. Not having help when you are confused can be very stressful.


Now is a great time to learning a second language because the United States is getting more and more Spanish speakers daily and the Spanish software is at an all time low in price. Also, you can really stand out when applying for jobs if you are fluent in another language. If you are serious about becoming fluent in Spanish, find the program which fits your learning style and needs best, and start learning now!

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